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Comply, Secure, Audit

Value-Added Distributor (VAD) for enterprise cyber security  and data protection solutions.

Cyber security expertise and distribution services

With our expert cyber security analysts and information security engineers, we empower businesses with top-of-the-line data protection solutions to comply with national and international standards.


Multi-factor Authentication

Single Sign-On

Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Security Operation Center

Network Detection & Response (NDR)
Security Information & Events Management (SIEM)

Security Orchestration, Automation, Response (SOAR)
Extended Detection & Response (XDR)

Data Security

Data Classification
Data Access Audit

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence Platforms
Digital Risk Management
3rd-party / Supply-chain Risk Management

Bleeding Edge Security. Impeccable Reliability.

Are you looking to enhance your security or comply with national regulations?
We will support you with our cyber security expertise by analyzing gaps in your security posture and introduce you to emerging technologies and vendors in the ever-changing landscape that is cyber security.

Are you a vendor with a unique technology and need to enhance the business in the middle east region?

We will support you with our team on the ground in all aspects from sales, pre-sales, implementation, support, etc., and connect you to our growing network of resellers and MSP partners.

Are you a system integrator / solution provider / managed security services provider? 

Connect with us and we will introduce variety to your portfolio with our unique vendors which are exclusive to us and are providing new and exciting technologies into the Middle East region. We will take the weight off your shoulders by doing all the work for you and offer you fulfillment opportunities with generous margins.

Are You Ready to Secure Your Busineses?

Whether you are a client, partner, or vendor, we believe we have something we can offer you. Why don't you shoot us an email to find out more?

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