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Our Solutions


Identity Management

  • Privileged Access Management /PAM

  • Identity and Access Management /IAM

  • Multifactor Authentication /MFA

  • Single Sign-On /SSO

  • Endpoint Privilege Management

ARCON provides a complete identity suite to manage enterprise identities, access, and privileges.

Self-hosted File Collaboration

Enterprise file collaboration that can be hosted fully on-premises that comes with many features for securing hosted files such as Digital Rights Management, malware scanning, governance, access control, DLP, encryption and more.


Key Management System

Fortanix, a leading provider of encryption services, has a comprehensive profile that covers enterprise encryption needs end-to-end. They provide their own HSMs that can provide its own encryption, or you can use their solution to manage your existing keys and certificates that are spread apart all your services. Their solution has integrated HSM, KMS, Secrets Management, Encryption and Tokenization functionality.


Threat Intelligence Platform, Brand Protection, Digital Risk Management

The SOCRadar platform includes three modules under one license:

  • ThreatFusion: View up-to-date and tailored cyber security threat feeds, vulnerability intelligence, and dark web search engine that allows you to manually search for threats alongside the automatic detection.

  • RiskPrime: Detect brand image abuse by scanning for fake social media accounts, look-alike domain registrations, fake mobile apps, phishing attempts replicating the company’s web assets, and more in a fully featured brand protection solution with integrated takedown services.

  • AttackMapper: Monitor all your digital assets for vulnerability such as expiring SSL/TLS certificates, changes in DNS records and websites, exposed critical ports, and more.


DMARC Implementation

DMARC is the new standard for protection against email domain misusage and spoofed outbound emails. ProDMARC provides enterprise DMARC implementation services and analytics platform to speed the process from moving from Monitor policy to Reject policy in record time.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We are committed to finding the best solution for our partners and customers. We offer free-of-charge and no-commitment proof-of-concepts (PoC) so that you can rest assured that the technology we offer will complete your use case and integrate properly with your systems. Pretty the contact button at the top to learn more.

Bad Bot Protection for Web and Mobile Applications

Pervasive bad bots and other automated scanners account for nearly half of website traffic—impacting almost every business. Today’s bots employ artificial intelligence and a variety of automated tools to masquerade as humans and break into customer accounts, steal critical content, and complete other forms of fraud.


Businesses need the ability to instantaneously distinguish between legitimate users and bad bots, with zero false positives. BotRx reveals attackers and where they are active, so businesses can stop fraud before it harms their business and customers.